A Different Light


The Visual Arts give voice to the inner dialog only you understand. The emotions, feelings, and sensations we all experience can only be partially described with words. There are more shades and textures in our world than there are terms to describe them. Imagery tells the whole story.

DangerHauz Photographic




DangerHauz Photographic represents the two artistic personalities of Photographer K. A. Goates. The Photography Gallery, dark and moody photographic studies of the forgotten. The "DangerHauz"  an Alien Universe unlike any other. 

Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Prints are available on this site, at limited auction showings, and by appointment in our Gallery Store located in Lakewood, Colorado.  


Mahntruk Print Services


Mahntruk Printing offers high quality limited run prints 

to photographers and artists alike. We also offer calibrated and corrected imaging of original worksustom matting.

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